Gwent Drug Interventions Programme

The Drug Interventions Programme (DIP) is the UK's main Criminal Justice initiative aimed at engaging substance misusing offenders in drug treatment. It does this through a variety of methods, such as the Tough Choices programme,. Class A drug-misusing offenders are identified on their journey through the CJS and steered towards treatment and wraparound support. Key points of intervention include following a positive drugs test in police custody, a court appearance and following release from prison.

DIP's key partners include Police, the probation service, prisons, courts and other criminal justice agencies, as well as Welsh Government, the National Treatment Agency and the Department of Health

By treating the need for illicit drugs the positive effect will reduce drug related which include thefts and burglaries.  DIP has been operating in Gwent since April, 2006 and has become a commissioned service by the Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner since April,2013.